Scientists Attempt Blog Mining

Technically speaking computers and search engine robots and crawlers cannot read and understand the words in blogs. However, scientists have started working in this direction and planning to perform “blog-mining” for “immediate information about every aspect of our lives and see in to out very souls”. The Economist reports that, as part of efforts to

Basics of Blogging:Blogging Terminology

A friend of mine asked me to explain some of the terms I used during our discussion regarding our future online project. These were in fact terms related with “blogging”. Being a newbie he was not able to catch them and understand. This curiosity forced me to think about all others who intend to enter

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Reasons for Blogging

Do people blog just to help themselves blow off steam or is it an effective medium to articulate new ideas as well? Bloggers agree that they are driven to blog by a desire to influence mainstream media or public opinion. In a recently concluded research study at the University of Iowa graduate students of the

Proficient Blogging:Become a Proficient Blogger

It is the perfect beginning of a blogging mission ! “Proficient Blogging” is an idea, a concept that took a shape of a full fledged website and I must be thankful of couple of my friends for this. Rajesh and his wife Renu especially motivated me to think in this direction. I thought that I should