New App For Bloggers To Write Without Complex Coding

A highly anticipated new iPad blogger app will be released later this month. DraftCraft(TM) will change the way that bloggers compose and post their work to most any platform without complex coding issues.

Developed by the Ministry of Application(TM), a mobile app developer based in Russia, the DraftCraft blogger app works with WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Chinese or

This is the first blogger app that is not affected by the HTML-code and the particular properties of a blogging platform, and it has its own simple-text editor.

DraftCraft’s carefully designed user interface keeps the entire writing process as simple as possible, allowing bloggers to concentrate solely on results.

Writers can post to all blogs from one place, with the application containing details of accounts across WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal.

Productivity-Enhanced with the Star System feature allows the blogger to manage progress on a variety of posts, meaning he or she can compose the best ideas quickly without worrying about writing style (one-star pieces) before gradually making improvements until reaching publishable results (five-star pieces).

Once the blogger has created content, exercising complete creative control is easily achieved through advanced text editing and text formatting (bold, italics, copy-paste, etc.) and image insertion.

If a blogger is worrying about code, then he or she is not worrying about writing – so DraftCraft removes the need to think about HTML. DraftCraft will automatically convert text into the format that is required for publication.

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