Alexa Ranking:It Adds to Your Blog Value

Alexa rank was developed by It measures the traffic to a site for the last three months and one month simultaneously.

The assigning of a particular Alexa rank to a website or a blog  is based on the number of surfers(visitors) to your website. The surfers to the website must have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers otherwise they will not be counted. The Alexa rank counts the number of visitors and page views for all the websites on a daily basis.

This specific visitor counting also limit the actual measurement of popularity of a particular website or blog. Visitors not having installed Alexa toolbar will not add to the ranking and therefore the overall ranking results will not reflect a true picture.

Most of the time, the Alexa ranking reflects the ranking of the site in various popular search engines. The higher the Alexa ranking, the higher the site will rank on the search engines. Normally, websites that receive a lot of traffic have high Alexa ranking because they have a lot of backlinks. If you frequently update your site, your Alexa ranking will also increase.

To increase your Alexa ranking, you must increase the amount of traffic to your site. One way to increase the amount of traffic is through link building. In addition, you can write SEO optimized content and update your site on a regular basis.

Websites that are frequently updated are often visited by the search engine spiders. Whenever you create a new post, the search engine will crawl your site to pick up the fresh content. Sometimes, it will also rank the newly created page on top of the search result.

Against all odds the Alexa rankings are highly regarded among the webmasters and bloggers alike. A high Alexa ranking will make a website or a blog reputable in the marketplace and such a site will fetch a handsome price certainly.

If your site or blog ranks below one lakh(100,000) on Alexa then your have made it. Your blog will gain exponential growth every day, believe it!

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