How to Get Your Blog Indexed

If you have created your blog recently and wish more have visitors, you must get it indexed in the search engines.

If it is not indexed, it will not appear in the search result.

You may have shared your blog link with other sites and blogs but if you do not get it indexed on the search engine it will cause you to lose a large portion of traffic. The sitemap can help the search engine to crawl your site more easily.

You can create a sitemap for your blog by using online sitemap generator. There are umpteen of such free online sitemap generators that will generate up to 500 pages.

Once you have generated the sitemap, you must submit it to Google. To submit your sitemap to Google, you must first sign up an account with them. After registering for an account, you can submit the sitemap through the Google webmaster tool. This is not a complex process and anyone can get along with it comfortably. “Once your Sitemap is created, you can submit the URL of the Sitemap file in Google Webmaster Tools or through your robots.txt file”, according to the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

In addition to creating and submitting a sitemap for your blog you should also use social bookmarking as an effective tool to get your blog indexed.

Social bookmarking site that receives a large amount of traffic every day will help you get your blog indexed quickly simply because of its popularity among the masses and search engines crawl such sites more frequently.

One of such popular social bookmarking site which you may submit your blog to is Digg. If you submit your site to Digg, it will probably get indexed within 1 – 3 days. There are several other such popular social bookmarking sites where you can submit your blog.

When social bookmarking you blog, make sure you don’t submit too many pages in one day. If you submit too many pages, you will be getting too many backlinks too fast. When the search engine finds out about this, it will not get indexed your blog but put it into sandbox effect. It will only delay the indexing of your blog until a few months later. “Search engines index blogs really well, and you have a large number of advantages with them”, says

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