Surprise Blog Marketing:Little Things Make a Huge Difference

Blogs by and large all look alike as far as the structure is concerned and regular visitors and blog readers find nothing new except the design and content of a blog. Content is the most important distinguishing feature of a blog differentiating it from other competitive blogs.

An element of surprise may hit anyone’s eyes and prompt saying “Wow, I never expected this! “. This would help the blogger cutting through the clutter and make people generate “word of mouth” and say “You need to see this, it is incredible indeed”.

Among the big shifts that you can select for your blog would be switching over the blog marketing from a “riding-shotgun” approach to a well planned strategically designed surprise oriented campaign.

Look at the ‘surprise twist’ offered by Disney with its “The Year of a Million Dreams”. This brilliant twist says,” imagine walking through one of the ‘Walt Disney Theme Parks’ when a cast member taps you on the shoulder to offer you a dream come true. Right now, over a million extra-special dreams, some thought impossible, are being randomly awarded to people just like you”.

Surprise blog marketing also follows golden oldie “giveaway” principle. We are observing some of the marketers shifting their attention to this thumb rule.

Giving away of eBooks is one such helpful tool that definitely attracts people. One more innovative concept has slipped in these days. Some of the websites and blog marketers have started giving away “concept papers” and “white papers” to their viewers and customers for no cost. These kinds of giveaways are actually knowledge enhancers and many people love to have them.

A simple surprise gesture kicks away the annoyance of a viewer very often. It helps him forgetting the wasteful clicks. An element of surprise will always keep a blog alive and fresh as it would attract many new and come back visitors to have a feel of the surprise.

Blog marketing has full potential if mixed with surprises. It’s the key to great entertainment. Surprise fuels great marketing, creates innovative opportunities and generates revenue.

Blogs normally thrive on blog posts and advertisements. There exists a large gap in creative conceptualization and marketing of a blog. This large gap can create an opportunity with creativity.

Montreal entrepreneur Andy Nullman, an authority on surprise marketing says,” small businesses have a great chance to make a difference in their marketplace by using the power of surprise to delight and astound their customers”.

Blog marketers should remember the golden guiding principle, “little things make a huge difference”. In this world where people tell their friends and believe what their own friends tell them. It is the “word of mouth” that drives sales up to great extent and “not ads for the umpteenth surprise sale that is not a surprise at all”, according to Rogers Wirelesses’ initiative “Share  the Joy”.

Blog marketers must know how to start with surprise marketing. Think what you did last month and try exploring new ideas in order to see if you can do something different. “Ask you, what we could do that we never dared to do?” says Andy Nullman. He further advises, “Marketing is about a relationship, and like all relationships, you have to keep it fresh”.

Surprise blog marketing is not a massive investment proposal. Its cost effectiveness is also a surprising fact.

Blog marketers are always leveraged with tactics. If one tactic does not click, try another one. Create one more buzz .After all blog marketers are their own masters. They can opt for more risks and do not require permissions for that.

Surprise marketing adds new tools to the existing strategies with low cost, high speed, flexibility and other components.

Success depends much on the use of maneuver, surprise, and speed to find an opportunity. It is more like the fighter pilots who understand the importance of “getting inside” in a dogfight by turning and maneuvering quicker than the enemy to fix their guns on the enemy plane well before it comes to know the intentions. That means knocking with fast and unpredictable tactics giving out surprises.

Business with blogging is thus no less than the fighter’s war.

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