Scheduled Backups Help Secure Your Blog

You must have read or heard that “no website can ever be made 100% secure”. No matter how well the site is designed and made secure with all possible security measures in place, it takes only the time and determination for an expert hacker to create a hole in to it. 

So what you should do with your wordpress blog to ensure its prolonged safety and security from such mishappenings?

Backup is the best measure to minimize the losses. Backups will certainly serve you as the first line of defence. With pre-scheduled functional backups you can easily erase everything in your server and you would be back online in a matter of hours.

I have my own experience of perishing by not keeping daily backup of this site itself. Although it was not a theft or hacking case but the result was same and obvious. I was in the middle of publishing a blog post and all of sudden everything gone off. The connection to the “wp-admin” page was lost and everything on my site was simply washed away in a flash.

For three days I kept struggling with every possible solution but nothing helped. I attempted Google search and other means a lot and tried every solution suggested by experienced and proficient bloggers and webmasters but in vain.

I even could not understand what exactly had happened and where and how things went wrong. All my posts on this blog were lost (my hard work of course). In fact the connection (link) to my blog was broken and I even could not open the wordpress admin page. The site was simply not available on the internet. It was a big blow indeed!

I checked with the “cpanel configuration”. Surprisingly everything was perfectly functioning but there was no content available. All my posts that I wrote with a lot of research and sincerity were gone forever simply because I forgot to keep a backup of everything. How foolish of me!

A week later the news broke out and I came to know that it was actually some unscheduled activity at some ‘wordpress datacenter’ and because of this activity millions of wordpress blogs were at great loss and I was among those beneficiaries!

I was left with no choice but to do it from scratch. It took whole lot efforts to reinstall the wordpress for all over again. But in the end this incidence taught me a good lesson that while working online backup is the most crucial element to ensure in advance, “else a theft or fire could take both your site and the backup”, says Daniel Scocco from ‘Daily Blog Tips’.

WordPress blogging platform is so enriched with features that it offers backup facilities to the blogger’s advantage. You can easily find a suitable wordpress plug-in for backup the wordpress blog. Recent entry of the ‘Vaultpress” plug-in is a great addition to the backup services. This versatile plug-in gives you much flexibility with your blog’s backup settings and schedules.

VaultPress is the only protection and backup service built on the Automattic grid that reliably serves over 10 million blogs and 250 million monthly visitors”, according to Vaultpress.

You can schedule a backup of your wordpress blog as per your own choice and convenience. I prefer daily backup of all my blogs and ensure to keep the same at two different locations so that in case one is missed or lost I can always have an easy access to another if something wrong happens to my blogs and sites.

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